Yes, that is actually the sign in the middle of our little town.  It’s across the street from the famous Bruce’s Bar.  Famous for?  Rocky Mountain Oysters of course! And for those who don’t know what these are I’ll just delicately say the bulls are crying because their losing part of their manhood.  They’re usually served fried.  I wouldn’t know how they taste because I’ve never had them even after living here for over 14 years and being able to walk to Bruce’s!

Back when this little town boasted no more than a couple hundred people, and most of those farmers who didn’t exactly live “in town”,  Bruce’s was one of the few businesses. Bruce’s, the gas station, liquor store, and Country Waterbed Store.  That’s the majority of what was here when we made this our home in 1996.  Our little piece of suburbia development has 84 houses and helped usher in a new era for what was once a sleepy little place.  Now we boast several thousand people, an elementary school, a middle school, and a new liquor store. And while we lost our Bruce several years ago a new Bruce bought the place and put Rocky Mountain Oysters back in their home!

This is my little corner of the world.  Come join me in the adventure!